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ZEfrank’s Last ‘The Show’ Today

I gotta tell you, I’m a bit weepy after watching his last show today. Why? Well, I’m a sucker for sappy music and slow-motion montages, plus, you know, ZE is THAT good. It sucks this run is over.


You can watch ZE’s first show one year ago here. My only solace is that I can be sure of meeting ZE in person and seeing him speak at the Affiliate Summit this summer in Miami. Bring it ZE, I know you will.

Thanks for the content and follow through, you have no idea how much what you have done has inspired me, on multiple levels.

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick’s day to everyone.

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sam harrelson - March 18, 2007

it’s always amazed me that the best things are those that have both beginnings and clearly defined ends.

-the beatles
-state fairs
-the best pizza in the world

i call it the “apocalypse effect” in the classes i teach when i explain that the “all good things must end” sentimentality is deeply ingrained in our hardwiring and the things that do end tend to have more of a lasting impact than something which doesn’t know it’s supposed to stop.

there’s a lesson in there somewhere for online marketing as well.

Shawn Collins - March 19, 2007

> -the best pizza in the world

That only comes to an end for as long as you are away from NYC.

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