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Are You An Online Entrepreneur? Want To Be Successful But Don’t Know How? Here’s The Key.

intro1.jpgI’ve been talking a lot lately about being successful online. While I don’t think you MUST be an entrepreneur to be successful online, I do think that possessing a few, if not all, of the successful habits that entrepreneurs have is very helpful. (In not just success at work either, in life too).

The highlights 10 of those habits in a blog entry called The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs. A must read if you’re someone who is searching for success in any capacity.

So, how do you stack up to the 10 habits listed below?

Passion for Life
A Smile on Their Face
A Dynamic Team
A Willingness to Help Others
Habitual Goal Setting
Ability to Remember Names
Empowered by Failure
Proactive Attitude
Determination and Motivation

I would note, that nowhere in that list is “making money”. Again, focusing your success on making money is the wrong approach. Focus on helping people solve problems, and the money will come.

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