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How Do I Become A Super Affiliate?

I get this ALL the time from new online marketers. “Jim, do these super affiliate guys who sell ebooks really make all the money they claim or are they just full of you know what?” And every time I get that question, I have the same answer.


Yes, some do make all that money, and no, some are not full of you know what. The trick is figuring out which is which.

Jeremy Palmer is one of those “real” guys you should listen to. But he wasn’t always a super-affiliate. He got his start by failing and made his success by hard-work.

He recently posted his success story on his blog and I found it very inspirational, especially if you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer. Here it is in full on his blog. Excerpts below chosen by me.

I believe that in every failure there is an opportunity to learn. While I was licking my wounds I carefully reflected on my previous experience. I was convinced that I could still be successful as an entrepreneur, but knew that I would need to build my next business on a stronger foundation.

I know a lot of Internet millionaires, and none of them built their empires on auto-pilot, by copying and pasting, or working a few hours a week. Sure you might be able to earn some pocket change by putting in such a minimal effort, but if you’re serious about quitting your day job and earning a substantial income it’s going to take work.

There is no software, e-book, or magic formula that generates income by itself. Many of these programs contain good ideas, but none of them will help you make money “automatically”. The number one factor that will determine your success is – you I encourage you to learn as much as you can from your training materials, but remember that the most useful knowledge comes from doing.

There you have it. Get to work and be like Jeremy.

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