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It’s True… I’ve Made Over $500,000 From Blogging

Blogging has changed my life and has made me a lot of money. Here’s part one of my blogging success story. Subscribe to my blog feed on the right of this page for future updates.


I’ve been blogging since 2001. August 14, 2001 to be exact. I bought and threw up a blog using’s advanced publish feature so I could use my own design. The blog was called “I Hate Lettuce”, and it chronicled my personal thoughts and opinions about my life. Check it out here in the Web Archive.

From the moment I pushed that magic “publish” button I was completely hooked. No longer did I have to rely on a newspaper editor or magazine publisher to decide if my content should be published. Blogging bypassed them and made me global in an instant.

But what blogging also did for me, although I didn’t realize it at the time, was start the first, and probably the most important step in my personal brand, which has resulted in me earning over half a million dollars in revenue from my blogging efforts over those years until now.

Exactly How Did You Do It Jim?

It’s pretty simple; here’s the short version. Note: I’m not including salaried positions or things of that nature in my numbers. That’s extra :0

Indirect Blogging
I’ve used blogging to build my personal brand, which has indirectly allowed me to sell my services, expand my reach and create powerful partnerships and relationships that have helped me produce income and actual businesses that I own.

Direct Blogging
But indirect blogging isn’t the only way I’ve used blogs to my advantage. More specifically, I’ve used affiliate marketing techniques to produce direct revenue through blogs. No, I’m not going to show you examples of those blogs.

In the coming weeks on this blog, I’ll continue to expand on my story, and talk more about how blogging can make anyone a success (assuming they like hard work). Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed to keep updated on that content.

Final note: You should know that I have never used one single spammy or black, or even grey-hat technique ever to produce this type of income and success.

Credit: I consulted the master Copyblogger on the headline for this entry. Thanks Brian.

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