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Links For Monday, April 2nd, 2007

The Site for the Cure is a site which allows anyone participating in any charity event such as a walk, race, run or ride for charity to talk about what they are doing and why they are doing it, to talk about the event, and to link to their own sponsor page in order to raise sponsorship funds. The Site for the Cure allows people to search by name, location, cause, and event for people to sponsor.

Reflecting on Business as a New Chapter Begins

Inspirational story about a super-affiliate who once was not. How he got there is the best part. A must read from Jeremy Palmer.

Wayne Porter gets Microsoft Security MVP 2nd Year In A Row

Not a person you want to tangle with people. Be good!

Your Your Social Network Avatar Can Make Or Break Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Credibility and reputation are essential to your long term success, and being consistent in your online branding build rapport with your visitors. Consistent branding will bring you intangible returns in the way of joint ventures which will net you much more than merely driving traffic to an adsense-optimized site.