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New Feature: YouTube Lets You Know Who’s Watching Your Videos

Now you can see who’s watching your videos at YouTube. Caught this from Mathew Ingram, who linked to Mashable.

activershareright.PNGYouTube announced the addition of a few new features overnight. Here’s a summary:

Most importantly, YouTube has added an Active Sharing feature, to let you see who’s watching your video, and videos that other users are watching. The last six videos you watched display on your Channel page, and when someone visits one of these videos they may see your name listed in the “who’s watching” box. This history tracking feature can be turned off. Additionally, you can rearrange the order of your favorites videos, and a module that automatically approves comments from friends but requires approval from everyone else.

Any user’s Channel can now be filtered by Most Recent, Most Viewed, and Most Discussed, and gone more lax with comments limits, meaning you only have to type in a CAPTCHA once per login session. You can also unblock users, and browse Partner channels by Most Viewed, or through an alphabetical listing.

This is great stuff. I like being able to see who’s watching my videos, in the same manner that I like to be able to see who’s visiting my blog using

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