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New FreeIQ Marketing System A Marketing & Super Affiliate Dream

FreeIQ is smart, fresh and new. If you’re an affiliate, you should join for free. If you’re a marketer with an info product (ebook, videos, guides, etc…), you should join as well.


The mission of Free IQ is to create an online community where people can share knowledge and expertise, using streaming video and other media.

Ok, let me break this down for you. Basically, FreeIQ is a place for marketers to help promote and sell their products, and on the flip-side, a place for consumers who buy those products to be able to review them and sample them for free, before they buy them.

So far the system is still in beta, and is not full of too many products, which is great, because if you’re an online marketer, you can join and add your products for free, and here’s the best part…

brad7.jpgThe whole thing is built on a two-tier affiliate system. So anyone you get to join for free to the system, you get a cut of their sales on anything they buy in the system for a full year. In other words, signup today and start driving signups, you could be looking at a big two-tier check down the road.

Yes, that is my affiliate link in this post, so if you sign up I’d get credit (not money) for referring you in. However, that doesn’t change my feeling on FreeIQ. I am only recommending it because I think it’s pretty darn neat and could possibly change the way that info product marketers sell and promote online, which to me, could be a good thing.

By the way, it’s brought to you by Brad Fallon, an amazing marketer. I’m seeing this as the next Squidoo, seriously, maybe even bigger. Start grabbing land, I have.