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Online Success Comes To Those That Take It, Not Wait For It

Normally you won’t hear me talking much about “guru” type programs. Why? Because I think that a lot of them are suspect. However, I do know that there are high-quality gurus and the like out there that actually do deliver on what they promise.

Let’s throw that aside for a second and instead talk about why these gurus succeed. You know why?

Because they’re creative, and they move fast… and most importantly, they take chances.

Joel Comm has busted his butt to get where he is today. The guy has money now, he could retire. He’s already had success with websites, books, etc… But he doesn’t stop creating and taking chances and pushing… which is why he is successful.

Look at his latest marketing campaign called the Next Internet

You know why Joel Comm is successful online? Because he takes opportunity. He doesn’t wait for it to come to him.

Do you take chances? Do you take opportunity?

There are no mistakes now, everyone is experimenting. Just do something today. There is no failure at the moment.

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