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Online Video Business Models Explained

video1.jpgEvery day online I find juicy nuggets of information that teach me something I didn’t know. Some days, it’s REALLY juicy information, like today. I came across a blog by a person named Shawn M. Livermore, who has written a piece called Online Video – New Business Models.

Talk about juicy. Shawn breaks down the entire spectrum of online video business models, in short form (I hate long analysis). Did he leave some stuff out? Probably, but I defy you to find a better summary breakdown of the online video business. If you do, send it over :)

Good work Shawn, and thanks for the information.

YouTube, GoogleVideo, and all the others… what a great start to a new breed of web startups… Online video companies, as displayed above, fall within the following categories:

Video Sharing
Video Search
Video eCommerce
Video Editing & Creation
Rich Media Advertising
P2P (Peer To Peer)
Video Streaming

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