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Why Do My Search Engine Rankings Vary From Search Engine To Search Engine?

Ever wonder how your blog or website ranks on different search engines? Ever wonder why there is a difference?

I recently noticed a lot of traffic coming in from MSN.com, so I investigated further and noticed I was doing quite well on terms that I had never really spent any time optimizing for.

Case in point, I recently discovered that JimKukral.com shows up as…


#2 result in MSN.com for “online consulting“.

I’m also #5 for “online consulting services“.

And #3 for “online marketing consulting services“.

Each of those searches is bringing back close to a 2 million result average. Not too shabby, right?

Ok, so let’s go over to Google and see where I am for the same key phrases, and let’s see how different the results are. You would think that they’d be way off, especially since Google has a much bigger database of indexed sites. But alas, it wasn’t that far off.


Online Marketing Consulting Services = #5 listing (out of 82 million results). Wow, that’s great, and only 2 spots lower than the MSN listing.

Online Consulting = #13 on second page (out of 138 million results).

Online Consulting Services = #4 result (111 million results total).

I didn’t even look to see how Yahoo! fit into this mix. Perhaps in a future entry.

The bottom line is, if you write good quality content and work with a reputable search engine marketing firm, you’re going to start seeing consistent results from your blog or website, across all the big search engines.