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Why Don’t Businesses Invest In Search Engine Optimization?

Riddle me this. Why doesn’t a company like American Greetings have search engine optimized websites? Case in point, take a look on Google for “party invitations“. The AG site comes up as a result on page two, halfway down (go figure eh?). And upon further inspection, there’s not even a well written title tag on the result page that showed up… or on ANY of the pages on the rest of the site.

You gotta love it. Go to the birthday invitations page. Title tag: AmericanGreetings.com. Go to any other page in the “invites” section, same thing.


Curiously, however, if you go to the ecards section, you see some title tags appearing. Yet, if you continue around to other parts of the site, you’ll see that probably only 10% of AmericanGreetings.com is actually optimized.

So what does this mean? Does it mean that a big company like AG is simply slacking? Does it mean that they know something we don’t? Their rankings certainly don’t show that to me they even care about it.

What bothers me the most about this is that even a big company like American Greetings probably doesn’t feel they need to hire an seo firm because they A.) Think they don’t need it, or B.) Think it’s a waste of time, or a combination of those things.

What A Waste!

What they aren’t realizing is how much money they are leaving on the table by not optimizing their site, especially considering the huge brand name they have and amount of dollars they could be spending. Heh, they only have about 1200 backlinks pointing to them from what I can tell.

I would guess that spending 20-30k on a professional seo firm to work on just that one domain would/could increase their traffic and/or sales double or more. I’m perplexed. Anyone tell me what I”m missing?

Is SEO simply too scary for big companies to invest in?

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