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Why Has Mark Cuban Allowed IceRocket.com To Die?

So, Technorati is alive and well according to Dave Sifry, and Google Blog Search is growing too (how could it not?).

But what about Icerocket.com? It appears as though they are dead. Look at this chart.


Nothing, nada, zip. No movement? It appears… dead?

I wrote about the top ways to fix Icerocket.com last year here. Here’s what I said then.

If you want to know the current state of Icerocket.com, (Mark Cuban’s search engine), all you need to do is look here at Google News (one result) and here at the Icerocket blog (two posts in the last 30 days).

Did you look? If you did you saw what everyone else sees… Nothing. No news, no moves, nada. So what’s up? When Icerocket first launched it was primed to be a fast mover. See this techcrunch report from July 2005. Last we heard was that the deal for THK to close on them was dead in the water.


It’s easy to see why they appear to have taken an extra long walkabout. Either they are secretly plotting their next big move, or, they have simply given up the fight? If it’s the latter; what a waste of a good thing.

A company spokesperson named Blake Rhodes left this comment on that blog. That was in November 2006.

We have some stuff in the works that I think you will like.

But you know what? I just revisted the Icerocket blog just now and there hasn’t been a new post in 16 weeks, 1 hour. Is that “stuff in the works?”

I think Icerocket is dead. Too bad, it coulda’ been a contender. Mark Cuban, why are you letting this gem die?

I can fix it, call me.

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