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Widgets, Webcams & Wizards (of OZ)

Don’t call it a comeback… it’s been here for years. I’m talking about webcams and live feeds of course. Hey, check me out LIVE on my webcam thingy on the right of this page.

stickam_gold.jpgIt’s interesting to me how this whole “cam” thing has come full-circle. I remember in 1999 how the “cool thing” was to have an office webcam on. If you did that, you were cutting edge. Then slowly, that type of thinking, and fun webcam use (not by porn though) faded away.

But now it’s back to the average web user through use of widgets. I’m using Stickam.com for this live feed. Kinda neat. It’s no Justin.tv, but hey, who wants to watch me go to the bathroom and heat up leftovers?

What do you think? I’m torn. While I do think it’s very interesting to see a person live in their native habitat, I also don’t think I could watch more than a few minutes of someone staring at a monitor.

But there is something to be said for seeing the man behind the curtain, pulling the strings for the big blogging show they are creating. It allows the reader to build an even deeper vested relationship with the blogger, and that’s a good thing.

Just don’t pick your nose or scratch yourself too much!

Hat tip to Cheezehead for this tool.

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