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Your Blog Is Your Resume

resumecover-sm.jpgThese guys couldn’t be more correct. Your blog is your resume.

Your blog says everything about you. Who you are, what you like, etc… Heck, even your design template that you’ve chosen can tell something about you.

Your blog is you!

And don’t even think about using your MySpace page as your resume. MySpace is too cluttered and spammy, because that’s how MySpace is. Your personal blog shouldn’t be like that.

I haven’t built a real resume in over 10 years. Maybe longer.

Why? Because they’re stupid, and only work for entry-level jobs required by baby-boomers who are still holding on too tight.

In today’s world, I argue that a person would be MUCH more successful in landing a job with a single, clean blog page with their details on it, as opposed to some lame “career objective” resume.

Be creative. Don’t listen to teachers telling you to create boring print out resumes. Take the initiative and take the job you want.

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