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99.5 Percent Of All WordPress Themes Suck

I hate my theme now (dated May 11, 2007). It’s my own custom work based on Akon. So i don’t blame Akon really… I blame me for my customization. It was meant to be temporary.


Being a former website designer, I often go through this dilemma. I like something at first, then hate it two months later. And I’m picky too. I look around at all the free wordpress themes out there and they suck. Only a select few are really unique and highly customizable. And those few are VERY hard to find.

I should just drop the $3-5k to have my own custom design done, but I’m not ready to. So yeah, it’s my fault for being cheap when I could just be like Yaro and go custom and be bad-ass.

Anyone have any themes that you care to share that you love? White space is a huge factor.

I think I might just go super minimal and work up slowly.

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