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Attention = Conversation

I just finished writing a chapter of a book that Drew is putting together. My chapter was titled “Can I Have Your Attention Please?”. It is about how new, free tools such as YouTube and Twitter and Flickr, to name a few, are changing the game and how brands today need to embrace these new attention getting tools if they want to be noticed in an ever-growing world of noise.

Then just now I came across this piece.

JPMorgan Chase & Co said it was reviewing its security procedures after a video posted online showed someone holding various documents found in trash cans containing customers’ personal information.

Why post the video? What was the purpose?

The video, filmed by the local chapter of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), was posted in response to the company’s hiring of security contractors. Last week, union members went through the curbside trash of several banks in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, according to Linda Tran, an SEIU spokeswoman.

Sometimes, to get people’s attention, you need clear evidence that precipitates a conversation,” Tran told CNN.

Attention = Conversation.