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Bloggers As The Next Super Affiliates – Video

Here’s a snippet of me talking about bloggers as the next super-affiliates at the last Affiliate Summit.

Yeah, I could have been a bit more dynamic. I wasn’t feeling well that morning. I’m usually way more upbeat.

I make the argument that the webmasters of 10-years ago are now the ones who are reaping the benefits of online riches. They learned how to be online marketers and capitalized on their knowledge. The same is true for bloggers today. In time they will learn how to become online marketers.

The difference is, bloggers have it much, much easier than the webmasters did. Trillions of pages of user generated content from bloggers will flood the Internet making it unavoidable that you will at some point in a search find blog content. When those bloggers figure out how to effectively monetize that content, they will reap the rewards.

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