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Hugs For Charity – Socially Conscious Marketing

Sam pointed me to This is great stuff. Who doesn’t want a hug? Now if I could get him to give me One good thought in return…


In conjunction with Affiliate Summit, Scott “Uncle Scooter” Hazard, President of Brightside Media and inventor of the ScooterSqueeze™ will be on hand to dole out his world-famous hugs during Affiliate Summit’s Affiliate Meet Market on Sunday, July 8th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami.

For your donation of just $20.00, you’ll be helping the March of Dimes continue their fight to save babies from premature birth. You’ll also get something back in return that will make you feel like a million bucks!

While I’ve never actually been on the receiving end of a ScooterSqueezeâ„¢, I will gladly give him my donation and credit for doing something positive across the board. This is socially conscious marketing at its best.

More at Affiliatetip blog. Also, hats off to Alexbet for an awesome design.