I’ve Gone Fishing | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

I’ve Gone Fishing

I have two gears. Fast, and stop. It’s a roller coaster ride. 90% of the time I’m moving at super speed, cruising up and down hills at 110 mph.

Then the other 10% of the time I’m just slowing down for the rise up the next hill.

That’s where I’m at today (lately). I don’t want to do anything work related. I don’t feel like building a single website. I don’t feel like checking my affiliate stats. I don’t feel like blogging. Nada.

I’ve gone fishing.

(Me, my boy, and my daughter)

This happens to me once every few months. I get worn down by moving so quickly that I just need a break. I need to simply walk away and stop messing with this computer and catch my breath. Sometimes it’s just a day, and sometimes it’s longer. Today was my first day in that cycle.

Today I took my two kids fishing for the first time in their lives. Our first cast… my 2-year-old caught his first fish. I’m not sure I could be happier at that moment. Mission accomplished. There is more to life than this computer.

Then I mowed the lawn, brought out the grill, swept and hosed down the back patio. Now I’m having a few beers on a Saturday evening and I felt the need to get this post out.

Perhaps it’s my dad still in the ICU and my emotional ride dealing with that the past two weeks. Perhaps I’m simply growing older and realizing even more that success means more about happiness and family and health and friends, to me at least. Or… perhaps it’s the beers. :)

I’ll leave you with this quote from an Indigo Girls song that is on my mind lately.

“Some look to the kingdom of heaven, and some bet the stars and roll lucky seven…
I don’t know what to believe, I just show up and breathe, anymore.”

Put down the keyboard and mouse. Life is happening away from the monitor. Go fishing.