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MFA (Made for Adsense) D-Day Is June 1st, I Told You So

noahsark.jpgThis is only the first step. The free ride is over. I told you so.

Some online publishers may get an unwelcome jolt on June 1st. Google, which provides thousands of ads to websites through it’s AdSense program, will shut off adds to certain websites beginning Friday.

Sites which are heavy in ads but light in content may be bumped from Google’s AdSense program. Several so-called online publishers who have ads with little content have already received emails saying their websites will be dropped from the AdSense program. Google says these sites influence search results, not necessarily for the good of users, by pointing users searching for specific products to these sites. Once they click through, the user may get the information they are looking for but they also may only find an ad or picture related to that product.

The change is scheduled for June 1. Google says, the clean up will affect the Internet, primarily by cleaning up search results so that users don’t click through to a site filled with ads but with no content to support the ads.

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