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Robert Scoble, I Won’t Be Speaking At Postiecon Either

Instead I’ll be on a panel at the new event in Vegas.

Looks like my appearance (and Scoble’s) at Postiecon in June is canceled. They announced today that the event will be moved to November to “piggyback” on the Blogworld Expo event (which I’m slated to speak at as well).

They (Payperpost) offered to pay to get me out there to be on a panel and I plan to do so, even though Scoble won’t be able to keynote now, I still want to do it.

Sam wanted to get my thoughts on this, so here goes.

Why didn’t they get enough people to attend?

Because the people who use PPP are new bloggers. These are bloggers who don’t make much money at all, if any. These are people who can’t afford to fly to Florida for a 2-day event. It just didn’t make sense, even at the low cost to attend the show (I think about $130?), the travel alone could triple or quadruple those costs. New bloggers don’t have that.

Why were you speaking anyway Jim?

My original post announcing it is here and is pretty clear on the matter.

I’m Speaking To Try & Help Bloggers Succeed

My session is entitled ‘The Secrets To Long-Term Blog Success & Profitability’. It will nothing to do with how bloggers can write paid content to make money, and everything to do with how to use your blog to build success and trust long-term, whether that’s for direct profit or for your personal brand, etc…

Also, they were paying for my flight and hotel and… they invited me very nicely, so I accepted. Plus I wanted some more speaking experience.

Why accept a speaking gig in the first place?

Again, from my announcement post (below). Let’s be clear here. I’m not justifying my initial decision to appear. Like it or don’t like it, it’s up to you.

My invitation to speak does not mean I fully endorse their product, but rather, it means that I think I can help a lot of bloggers learn how to monetize their blogs, and build trust with their readers and build long-term, solid brands for themselves.

The bottom line is that I’m in the “helping bloggers succeed” business, and have been for years and years, way before many even were thinking about bloggers being able to make money.