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Search Engine Marketing Just Got A Bit More Complicated Thanks To Google

It is happening sooner than I expected, and on a bigger scale, but I was right.

Google universal search is here, and that means that video is going to start ranking in the regular search results.

After years of people ignoring tabs and links designed to get them to do specialized searches, Google is taking the plunge to push the right buttons behind the scenes and make specialized or vertical search results part of the “normal” experience.

Check out Danny Sullivan’s extensive coverage.


What could this mean for your business?

It means that search optimization just got bigger. No longer will you need to worry about optimizing your web pages, you’re going to have to worry about videos and everything else. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that all of this “new” stuff is new, so it’s going to be like 2000 all over again. There simply isn’t a ton of content out there that is optimized, so the people who do it now will reap the rewards and get higher “rankings” sooner.

Still don’t want to mess with video yet? Not sure how much more I can convince you?

More good links on the matter.

Aaron Wall says publishing video is easy money, he’s right.

Scott Karp says Google is an even bigger gatekeeper now.

The official Google blog coverage.

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Terry Reeves - May 17, 2007

Personally, I think the big heads at Google detest the websites that rank on the first page of any search result. These freeloaders are, after all, taking the premium share of traffic and generally not bringing any revenue into Google at all. What better plan is there than to cram as many barriers and distractions onto that prime first page real estate and probably the second and third page as well. It is, after all there site.

To beat a giant you either have to be as big as he is or be very clever. As long as Google rules the roost, pay to play will be the game of the day. As I have said in other posts, there is ad dollars out there that Google is not collecting, for now….

Google Video Adsense? | Jim Kukral - Marketing Ideas Online - May 17, 2007

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