The Ultimate Guide To Using YouTube | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

The Ultimate Guide To Using YouTube

I wish I had written it, but alas, Robin Good beat me to it.

Here’s some advice. Read this, do everything it tells to do. Assuming you want to be successful with online video that is.


Tapping into the YouTube user-base is one effective way that you can promote your online content or business, whether through the creation of your own video clips or the promotion, aggregation and discussion of other people’s.

Either way, by making use of the great range of community, niche-building and content-targeting features of YouTube, you have a good chance of maximizing your conversion rate of YouTube viewers to website visitors.

While obviously there is no substitute for quality video content, even the best videos can become lost if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities you have to promote them. There are millions of YouTube site visitors that you can tap into to boost your own web traffic, but of course there are also millions of videos for them to choose from.

By niche-targeting your content and promoting it via the range of community features packed into YouTube, you can optimize your chances of successful self promotion and turn a simple user-account into an effective marketing machine.

Broadcast yourself, and promote yourself in for the bargain.