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Tips For Producing Good Online Videos Or Screencasts

Brian Solis strikes again with some good tips on how to make good online videos.

briansolis.jpgThere are several ingredients to consider when developing a video or screencast, and the choices you make for their implementation will determine the success or failure of the campaign.

1 – Be genuine. This isn’t yet another opportunity for PR to spam the world

2 – Know your targets, their pain points, and why your product will help them. And please don’t use the word audience. Viewers today are considered the people formally known as the audience. This ensures that we engage by conversing with, not marketing to, people. This is Jay Rosen’s philosophy, which many social media purists hold sacred when discussing how to participate through social media.

3 – Keep it focused on what’s unique, interesting, and compelling.

4 – Experiment. Don’t just stop at one…keep the line of communication open through video much in the same way you would with blogs, marketing collateral, newsletters, and press releases.

5 – Place the videos on the company site and offer RSS feeds for them.

6 – Ensure that the videos are placed in the social networks where the people you want to reach search for new and interesting content.

7 – Simply placing videos online isn’t enough. Just because you place in social networks doesn’t mean it will be viewed and shared. You have to do “PR” for it through the folksonomy of strategic tagging, linking, and having others point to it and republish it to spark the viral potential of your content.

8 – Be creative.

9 – Worry less about polish and more about content.

10 – Listen to feedback

Thanks Brian. I will be following this list as I continue on my path to video glory!

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