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What Can We Learn From The Top 25 Marketing Blogs?

top25.gifMarketing blogs are very near and dear to my heart. Obviously… because I’m a marketer, and blogger, myself, go figure eh?

The Viral Garden, written by Mack Collier puts out a list of the top 25 marketing blogs every week which I like to review. It’s a good insight into what other marketers like myself are doing. What they’re blogging about… why they are successful, etc…

Recently I thought it would be fun to analyze the top 25 list to see if any similarities could be found? After all, these blogs and personalities are successful for a reason correct? Why not see what they have in common and try to learn from it?

Introducing… The Top 25 Marketing Blog Analysis.


What Did You Measure?

I tried to get a feel for several things, from if they use a photo of themselves on their blog, to things like “Is Seth Godin in their blogroll”. :) Here’s the official list things I researched on each blog.

Do They Have RSS To Email Subscription?
Do They Blog At Their Name.com?
Are Their Ads On blog?
Does The Blogger Promote Twitter?
Does The Blogger Promote Linked In?
Is Their Phone Number Listed?
Are They A Book Author?
Do They Have Seth Godin In Their Blogroll?
What’s Their Feedburner Count?
Is There A Photo Of Themselves On Blog Home Page?
What Is Their Blog Worth?

Some interesting insights have come out of my analysis. For example…

$7,819,446: How much all the Top 25 blogs are worth collectively.

The majority of top 25 marketing bloggers don’t brand their names. For example, you’ve got guys like Mack Collier who blogs under the brand Viral Garden rather than at MackCollier.com.

Seth Godin is NOT in everyone’s blogroll as I assumed he would be. What’s up? Some of you have a problem with Seth? :)

The majority do not put ads on their blogs, and even those that do have smaller text link ads, etc… I’d like to hear more about this from the top 25. Why don’t you have ads on your blog?

WordPress and Typepad rule the roost in terms of blogging platforms used. I expected to see more Typepad users.

Top 25 marketing bloggers don’t like to give out their phone numbers too much. This is a personal thing. I give out my toll-free number, but that’s just me.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more analysis down the road. Any patterns you notice?

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