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YouTube “Stars” Won’t Get Rich. Google Isn’t In The HollyWood Business

searchguy.jpgYouTube is not the answer for you if you are making a “show”. The people who will make money on YouTube will be the people who create videos that solve problems, not entertain.

Think about this for a second. Google’s main goal is to provide relevant results, right? Now why would Google (who owns YouTube) focus on anything but that? They’re not in the “Hollywood business”, they’re in the “relevant solving problems search” business.

Here’s my prediction. Google is going to begin integrating video search results DIRECTLY into the regular Google search results by end of summer if not sooner. That means that anyone who ranks well in YouTube will be force fed into the first page results of Google as YouTube video icons.

Thank about that for another second. Let’s say that you make a video that shows how to plant tulips in your yard. You may have zero presence in Google’s regular search results, but… Right now, there are only a handful (maybe) of videos in YouTube on that topic.

Your video will be skyrocketed into the regular Google rankings, bypassing those seo’rs who have spent years working to get first page listings.

Maybe, yes, but I believe it. I’m like Morpheus.

There’s a very interesting post over at John Batelle’s blog that has a letter from a would-be YouTube publisher that says some negative things about YouTube’s partner program. But it’s a good read, even though it’s anonymous.

The Wall Street Journal also talks about how to become a YouTube star.

Personally, I think that, again, being a YouTube star isn’t going to be all that it’s cracked up to be. You want to be REALLY famous? For now, it’s still gonna take more.

More at Techmeme too.

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