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YouTube Videos – The Future Of Politics & The Internet

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team gets it. This video/contest is everything it should be. It’s funny, smart and generally entertaining.

But most of all, it’s a fresh approach to politics and it shows us a side of the candidate that we don’t see… the human side. This is what YouTube and online video is for, and this video is a great example of how to do it right.

Like Hillary or not, you’re looking at the future of politics in the United States. No longer will we be ok with seeing our candidates on TV only. We’re going to EXPECT them to be online, in our face, talking to us… asking us to talk back to them via our own videos, forums and blogs.

Future political decisions will be won online, by the candidate with the best creative team, and the candidate who can actually pull it off without it looking fake/genuine. Stake your bets on which candidate of yours you think could pull something like this off without looking fake. Can they? See them running scared?

Yet another reason why politicians are becoming more and more like rockstars. You MUST be able to perform if you want the job.

Disclaimer: I’m not so sure Hillary does pull it off.

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