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Be A Better Blogger & Affiliate Marketer – Free Event

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing and blogging? Ready to learn how I’ve been successful as both over the past 7 -years or so? Want to take your blogging and marketing to the next level?

If yes, then I suggest you head on over to Andy Wibbel’s Problogger Confidential and enroll to hear me talk with Andy about how you can become a better affiliate marketer and blogger.


The call is Wednesday night, June 20th at 9pm EST. And it’s free! Enroll now.

Andy has been a long-time blogging buddy of mine, who’s been very successful with his own blog and projects. Here’s his bio.


Andy is an award-winning blogger and author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week and Fortune Small Business as a recognized expert in blogging and related technologies. You can read Andy’s blog at

Why is the better/different? Why should you participate?

First off, it’s free, truly. Secondly, because 2-weeks later, you get to get on the phone with Andy to actually learn about specific ways to do the things in the previous call. Andy wants to help you put action items on your plate for immediate results.

This isn’t another one of those boring lectures, Andy is making sure of that. This is different, and I promise to drop as many secrets as I possible can about how I’ve been successful in this business.

Enroll today and join us!

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