For $300 Million? | LIFE APOCALYPSE - Jim Kukral Speaker *Mindset *Lifestyle *Impact *Purpose For $300 Million?

I’d pay $300 million for if I had it.


But… Wired has a good point.

When I found out that Kevin Rose originally wanted but settled for instead, I remember thinking that sometimes a domain can be “too” perfect. I like “digg” much better than “dig.” I lost my domain puritanism for good when I watched hit number one on Technorati despite the unsexy dot net domain. will never be worth $400 million, but it would be entertaining to see it sell for such an insane price.

Did you know that Google creators originally were going to get something like Goggle (I think), and they typed Google by accident in the search box?

$300 million seems steep, but so did $7.5 million back in 99 when they bought it. What would/could it be worth in 5 more years?

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