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Customer Evangelism To The Extreme

This is fake, but perhaps almost ready to be true? I mean, Mac has some ravenous fans. Winners use Macs.


Okay, Microsoft, so you think you’re pretty cool because you managed to get some poor gormless fatty to tattoo himself with a Zune symbol? Well guess what? We’ve got a cutter. Yup. A bona fide total bad-ass Trent Reznor-loving Goth chick with an eating disorder, piercings, fake red hair and a half dozen personalities. And she’s friggin hot. Her name is Megan O’Rourke and she’s our VP of customer experience. She cut herself this morning to show that nobody is going to out-bad-ass Apple. Nobody. You get a tattoo? We carve our bodies.

Thanks to Sam for the link via Google Reader.

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