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Linkedin vs. FaceBook – It’s All About The “FREE”

According to CNN money, says it will own business networking.

In the future, everyone will likely maintain two online profiles. So said LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye in an extended lunchtime interview last week here in Fortune’s conference room/pool hall. We had opened the conversation with THE question of the moment: in a Facebook world, what’s the future for LinkedIn — or for that matter any other “vertical” social network?

Stealing some of his material from LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman on the matter, Nye said people will build one profile for their personal life and another for their professional life. The argument, self serving as it is, makes a certain amount of sense. Not good to have a prospective employer stumble on to those photos of you freshman year in Delta Kappa Epsilon.

I might agree, if only they were actually priced affordably. They’re not. That’s the only reason I don’t shell out for a account every month… It’s just too expensive. What kind of strategy is that?


What would I pay? $5/month, tops. Yeah, I know it’s free to a certain extent, but free is of course relative. I cannot use the system fully for “free”. $19.95 for “basic” access is too much. “$200/month” for pro, are you kidding me?

With all the other choices out there of connecting virtually, why would I pay?

Is there room for Linkedin and Facebook? Yeah, I think so. But I’m telling you this, the winner will be the one who prices it right.

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