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New Blog: How To Do Video

Today I launched my newest blog called As Sam more eloquently points out

Jim Kukral has launched an interesting new blog with a focus on the online video industry and landscape. The site,, looks to be a mix of coverage, instruction and editorial content. There aren’t a ton of good reads in this space, so I’m excited that Jim has thrown his hat into the ring since he knows how to produce great blogs!


Another blog Jim? Well, I must say the decision to create this blog is primarily because I’ve noticed my interests have shifted away from writing about blogging and online marketing and more to the business of online videos. So my plan is to keep full of branding, blogging and marketing content, and keep all of my video thoughts over there.

I hope you enjoy the new blog. I’m looking forward to writing it. There’s a lot going on in the online video space and I have a lot to say about it.

Particularly, look for a big announcement from me about this in July.

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