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Pownce Looks Awesome – Like Twitter But Better

Mashable has got me all excited about Kevin Rose’s latest Twitter killer Pownce. Anyone got an invite for me?

Enter Pownce, Kevin Rose’s latest startup, which we were extremely skeptical about when it first arrived on the scene less than 24 hours ago. Who needs yet another IM client, we wondered. Well, we still stand by that: it IS just another IM client. But this one simple feature, for an IM-junkie like me, is vital.

Send files to one person, everyone, or a group of people – we’ve been waiting for this feature for all our online lives.

And it is this: on Pownce, you can send a message, or a file, or a song, or an event, to one person; or three of your friends; or only your family; or everyone. That’s right, you can engage in private conversations, you can speak to the world, you can have a group of close friends, and a group of associates, and a group of unknown people you just added to your profile, and you can choose when you want to send stuff to any of these groups. With this simple feature Pownce trounces all over Twitter, and comes close to being more useful than most IM clients.

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