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The Future Of Politics & Online Video – Fame Wins?

Loren doesn’t like the Hillary Clinton spoof on the Soprano’s movie. He thinks it’s a disgrace.

Let me just say this. I also think it’s a disgrace that our politics have turned into who can entertain the most. However, that makes me more disgusted for our country and our future as opposed to just being disgusted about Hillary. She’s just playing the game. Wait until the Obama team finally hires a good video company.

Look, this next presidential election is going to really open the doors for the next level of political fame, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing. On one hand it’s great to see the candidates up-close and personal, but on the other hand, it’s scary to think that perhaps the person to be elected will be the person with the best video on YouTube.

Scared? I am.

Hillary Video.

Loren’s Response.

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