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Video… The Future Of Jobs & Recruiting Online?

My blogging buddy Ben Y. recently became part of a cool new company called Basically, it’s a portal for recruiters and job seekers to post and find jobs… but using video more than anything else.


This to me is probably one of the smartest uses of video. Why? Because what’s a better way to promote a job then to show people exactly what you’re looking for, and then show them where they would work? On the flip side, what employee wouldn’t want to check out the diggs and personalities of a company they were thinking about joining?

From their website, they believe…

* The job market is broken.
* Online job sites don’t work.
* Hiring people should be an ongoing process.
* Hiring people is about having conversations not bureaucracy.

I couldn’t agree more. Although, what do I know since I haven’t really even looked at a job site in over 10 years. Every job I’ve had I got because I either made up the job and pitched myself or because I knew somebody. However, the idea of using video for recruiting seems to me to be a natural thing. The only question I have is, what if your office and people suck? Showing a video of that sucki-ness will probably stop anyone from applying. :0

How they do it is pretty slick. If you’re a company looking to showcase your video, they’ll post it for free (for now) on their website. If you don’t have a video, you can choose from their pool of videographers to help you create a video.

Here’s a sample video.

They promise to market your job as much as possible, but you of course could post your video on your own website as well if you wished. Ben also tells me that “we’re targeting early stage and startup tech companies, but are open to others as well.”

So get on over and send them your video, or if you’re a videographer, apply to help them shoot videos.

Bonus, check out this little guide of thing to watch out for when building recruitment videos.

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