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Want To Make Money Online As A Publisher? This Is How You Do It.

Quite possibly one of the smartest publisher strategy plays I’ve seen to date. It has all the great components with a few MAJOR things you must do to be successful…


1. It’s not spammy and provides high quality content.

2. It has awesome problem solving video content. Entertaining too.

3. It is built in a blog platform so it’s SEO friendly and linkable. Rss/tags too.

4. It has great Adsense placements.

Even the videos, using monetization at Revver, have well designed watermarks at the top/bottom to drive traffic from embeds in other sites. This site is/will be a money-making machine across the board. Google will love it. YouTube will love it. Readers will love it.

Overall, A+ here. This is what you should be doing if you want to make money as a publisher in this business. I repeat, again…

Build high-quality content that solves problems and/or entertains. If you can do both in the same project, double win.

John Chow ain’t gonna tell you that, because it’s hard work. You may not even want to hear that, because it’s hard work.

Doesn’t matter, I’m still gonna tell you that this is how you do it. You can listen to me or not.

Now I wish I could draw.

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