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Here’s Why Auctionads Doesn’t Work For My Blog

I can’t use on this blog because it’s not contextual and there’s no relevant match for my blog. See, I write about all kinds of online marketing stuff like online video, affiliate marketing, search, branding, etc…


When you create an Auctionads ad, you are required to specify a keyword that helps you deliver a related ad. Makes a lot of sense, I get it. The problem is… what the heck do I put in for this blog?

For example, let’s try some tests. If I put in “online marketing”, I get this ad. Relevant?

If I put in “online videos”, I get this ad. Relevant?

Now, I “could” put in something like “blogging”, and then I start to actually see stuff?

Or I have to get real niche and guess what my readers might like and put in something like “business magazines”. Did that work?

I have nothing against Auctionads. No offense Shoemoney. I just don’t see how it works for this particular blog. When is someone going to invent a contextual referral system? Calling Jeff Doak.

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