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How To Get Publicity With Hardly Any Money?

Another amazing Marketingsherpa piece. A MUST read if you’re struggling with promoting your blog or product.


SUMMARY: If you need to promote a product or service and you’re on a limited budget, then our latest Case Study is right up your alley. (Small publishing houses and budding authors take special note.)

Find out how a writer started a newsletter to publicize her series of financial planning books and then took a personalized approach to entice bloggers dedicated to the same topic to write reviews and link back to her site. Includes how to measure ROI from each of those mentions.

Here is the breakdown, more details on the article.

-> Strategy #1. Revamp homepage

-> Strategy #2. Start email newsletter

-> Step #3. Solicit reviews from financial bloggers

-> Step #4. Set up Google Alerts to track mentions/reviews

-> Step #5. Send handwritten note thanking reviewers

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