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John Chow Got Snubbed?

Zac points out that John Chow didn’t make the Businessweek story about bloggers who make big bank.

There were a few bloggers on the list I’ve never even heard of… but where is the almighty and highly controversial John Chow? With so much secrecy on how much bloggers make, sometimes it’s a complete guessing game… why not feature John Chow, who gives a full revenue statement each month on much his blogging is generating. It could just be the writers of Business Week never heard of him, or his blog. It’s all too common that the people working in the industry (like myself) know a lot more than the people writing these articles… which is why bloggers are making a ton more than writers for these main stream magazines.

So why did John get snubbed? Maybe Zac is right. Maybe the writers never heard of him. I don’t have the answer.

But you have to wonder if his brand perception may have played into this?

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