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No PayPal Option At Checkout? No Business From Me!

I don’t get why every online store doesn’t have a PayPal option? I mean, if you’re going to accept credit cards, and even checks, why not have a PayPal option?

Don't Piss Off The Blogger T-shirt

Case in point, I was going to send a Don’t Piss Off The Blogger t-shirt to Shoemoney for his Friday t-shirt concept. So I went to, a store that I created in Spreadshirt, and thought I’ll buy one and send it over to him.

But… guess what, I can’t pay via PayPal on Spreadshirt. Why the heck not?


I’ve been trying to think of a reason to not have a PayPal, or heck, even Google checkout, option in ANYONE’S shopping cart. Yet, for the life of me, I cannot figure it out.

Here’s why I don’t get it. I use PayPal as kind of my “fun money” account. In other words, the money in there isn’t “real” to me. I use it to buy impulse purchases and fun things I want that I would normally never pull out a credit card for.

Awesome Million is built solely on PayPal as the only transaction method, specifically because I didn’t believe that most people would drop $5 on their credit card for something so trivial and fun and impulse-ish (I know that’s not a word).

Scratchback will also function solely on PayPal too. You’ll see why soon enough.

So Jeremy, no t-shirt for you. Time to find another store where I can create a new t-shirt. Anyone know of one that accepts PayPal?

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