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The Online Marketing Idea Factory?

I’ve got a million creative marketing ideas. The problem is, I can’t possibly implement them all. I was thinking about starting an “Idea Factory” of some sort to help businesses out who need help coming up with new online marketing ideas.

The question is, what would you pay for a killer marketing idea? If I didn’t have to bring home the bacon, I’d just give them away for free to people for fun. Someday.

Check out some of my projects (these are just some). I’ve got about 100 more I could do if I had time.

Time wasters? Or sanity savers? Both I think.

Awesome Million – Be awesome, you know you are!
AsktheBlogger – Got a blogging question?
Big Brown Box – It’s big, it’s brown, it’s full of stuff! – Love something? Make a list!
Don’t piss off the blogger t-shirts. – Seriously, don’t do it. – I do, find out why. – Send me yours, I’ll give you mine.
Complete Rip Off – Why wait, just get ripped off now!
Free Search Report – You want more traffic?
Top Bananas – $1 is cheap, be a top banana!
Affiliate Marketing Friends – Join the community!
The Wassup! Project – Get your Wassup! on!
Making Money Videos – Videos about online success.
Countdown to Mac – Tick, tick, tick.

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