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Video Ninjas Radio Show – Tuesdays, 4pm, Live!

Tune in Tuesdays at 4pm to listen to a new online radio show hosted by myself and Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of The show is called Video Ninjas. and is running on Webmaster

Video Ninjas

Steve and I will be talking about the world of online videos for a half hour every week, live. You can see our promo site live at VideoNinjas.TV.

Sometimes we will have guests, but mostly we’ll be chatting about tools, trends and anything else related to the world of doing videos online.

Should be a lot of fun. We hope you will tune in. Remember, every Tuesday at 4pm on Webmaster Radio. You will able to listen to the archive of the show after the show. Subscribe to my feed here and I’ll keep you informed about each show every week.

Here’s a sneak peek of our show opening theme music (mp3), put together by the creative folks at the station.

Note: No offense to any real ninjas out there. I know better than to cheese off a ninja.

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