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Welcome To Attention 101: My Name Is Mr. Calacanis

In defense of Seth Godin, founder of Squidoo (who by the way doesn’t need my defense)…

Is it possible for Jason Calacanis to be more transparent in his attack on Squidoo?

No? You can’t see right through it?

Look, all I’m saying is Jason has an agenda, and that is to keep the focus on him and the things he is pimping, currently Mahalo. This “attack” on Squidoo is yet another masterful manipulative stroke in his well practiced repertoire… or shall I say, bag o’ big old pimp daddy marketing/blogging tricks.

Sorry Jason, I’m not buying it. I understand and appreciate what you’re doing as a marketer and blogger though. So I quote Chris Rock to you. “I don’t think what he did was right… but I understand.”

Are you paying attention boys and girls? Attention… wins. Jason is teaching a class. I’ve learned a lot.

Note: Costpernews reports that Squidoo has a response to spam problems.

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