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What I Learned At The Affiliate Summit

Let’s try to keep this short because I’m not a tag meme kinda guy. Sam tagged me, so I gotta do it.


So what did I learn besides don’t tell Shmuly at 11am that I have a bottle of scotch? Well, for me, I spent the majority of my time in the blogging room. I didn’t get to even walk through the show except to grab lunch one day.

But, I think I can say that I learned that there are a lot more (than I thought) new people coming into the Affiliate industry. I ran into a lot of people who had never been to the event before, and who said stuff to me like, “You know, it just sounded like a smart place to be so I came and it’s great.” Or, “I went to Ad-tech and it sucked. It was too big, crowed, and not friendly. This is different.”

Perhaps what I observed, not really learned because I already knew, was that you can continue to build a powerful conference purely by sticking to your roots and delivering a high-quality, fun experience for everyone. The Affiliate Summit delivers on the promise every time.

So now I have to tag some people eh? Well, let’s see.

Brad Waller, Peter Figueredo, Joel Comm, Wade Tonkin and Anita Campbell.

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