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Google Should Come Out & Publicly Dump DMOZ

Does Google even “use” them anymore? I’m way far out of the seo details loop to know that. What I do know, is that for years I’ve heard nothing but bad from DMOZ and their “editors”.

Now we have extortion? It’s time for Google to step up and simply drop DMOZ from having any relevance. Simply stop indexing it or using it as a base, or whatever.

Will Google listen? What do you think?


There is a big DMOZ (Open Directory) kerfuffle going on at Jeremy Schoemaker’s ShoeMoney blog over an alleged extortion attempt by a DMOZ editor.

A while back I got a email from a guy claiming to be a DMOZ editor saying that I had to pay him $5,000.00 or he would have my site: removed from the dmoz.

I thought nothing of it…. then today I got a email from him saying it was removed and I might want to rethink not paying him. I thought I would check just for grins.

It was removed… WOW

Here’s the Shoemoney story.

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