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How Does YouTube Rank Videos For Organic Search?

If I knew, I’d be selling you the answer. I have done extensive research on this thought and I’ve narrowed it down to one all determining factor.

Quality of Video.

Go ahead, do a search for any competitive term on YouTube and tell me if you can figure out why they rank videos the way the do. It does not have anything to do with date uploaded, that’s for sure. Things that “may” come into play are ratings, subscriptions, comments, friends, etc…

But again, I am beginning to believe that the clear answer is the quality of the video posted. The better the quality, the higher it ranks.


Quality means both production value and information. Although I’d put the information/relevance to the user before production quality. Take a look at this search (above) for search engine marketing. Notice that the 2nd video in this search is only 1 month old, yet somehow it makes it to the 2nd position very quickly. Now look further at the other videos on the page. You’ll notice that the 2nd video is a MUCH higher quality video.

That’s my guess.

You have the answer? Tell me please.

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