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Marketing Balls Of Steel!

I won’t hard link to this site so I don’t give them any Google juice, so you’ll have to copy this url and paste it in.


A couple of tidbits from the sales copy.

“The Fastest Way To Make Money Online Is
To Swipe Sites That Are Already Successful.”

Cracked: This Might Be The Biggest Secret Yet . . .
. . . While Everyone Else Is “Picking A Niche”, slappin’
up Adsense Sites, tryin’ to do Affiliate Marketing,
the Marketing Gurus Silently Pop Up ‘Stolen’ Sites For Quick-Profit and Long-Term Gains. . .

I Believe Everyone That Wants To Make Money
Should Have The Opportunity To Do So. . .

There’s No Reason That You Shouldn’t Be Making At Least $10,000 This Month By “Swipeing” Sites. And If You’re Not Already Makin’ That Kinda Money? What Are You Waiting For. . . Even THAT Is Chump Change!

Obviously I don’t condone this crap. However, I’m in awe of the marketing message/approach. About as in your face as you can get. Very smart in a way if you can separate yourself from the crap product.

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