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Observations From Vacation

Sorry for the non-posting on this blog all last week. I was on vacation with the family in Myrtle Beach. Lots of fun, sun, beach and no staring at the computer all day long. Although, I’m not a beach person, and I must say that I’m kinda glad to not be hot, sweaty, wet and covered with sand. In other words, it’s good to be back.


Now I need to get caught up. 2300 emails to go through, and that’s after the spam filter ate about 50% of it. Mmmmmmm.

So what did I think about on vacation? Here are some thoughts.

1. I paid $25 bucks for a week of wifi access in my condo from ConnectFreely.com. Which connected pretty much 1.0 speed (sometimes) and only allowed me to download email, not even send it. When I tried to send it would send, but not be delivered. When I called them and asked for a special mail server or something they said it wasn’t needed. Yeah, ok.

What’s silly is that on my way back home we stopped at a 3-star, run down, podunk hotel in Beckley, WV, and they had awesome, free wifi. Go figure.

Observation: When will we finally have high-quality wifi access everywhere in the USA? 2, 3, 5 years?

2. Tim Carter was on our Video Ninjas show on Tuesday. Grab the MP3 here. Want to know how to do video? Tim dishes the dirt on how he’s been so successful. A MUST listen for any web entrepreneur.

Observation: Video is going to be HUGE. Start doing it now. Seriously.

3. Looks like Loren Feldman decided to go with Blip.tv. Good choice. I love their stuff.

Observation: None really. I like Blip.

4. This video is awesome. Go watch it.

Observation: You will laugh if you’re a geek like me.

5. Twitter is truly an extension of my blogging. When I was able to get connectivity on vacation (see #1 above), I tried to load up and post a tweet about what I was doing, and easily catch up on what was going on in my little Twit-world. However, I was unable to get Techmeme all week which did in fact give me the shivers.

Observation: Even away from my computer life, it’s hard to really be away.

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