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Online Marketing Tip: Lists Work – The Adage Power 150

There’s two things to learn from what I’m about to talk about.

1. People love lists.
2. It’s really not that difficult to create and promote a list into something big without a ton of money.

Ever hear of the Power 150? A guy named Todd created a list of the top 150 marketing blogs out there. Then most recently, he partnered with who will be taking over the list.


I’m very excited to announce that the Power 150 ranking of top marketing blogs is joining forces with Advertising Age, the world’s leading marketing and media publication. The Ad Age + Power 150 partnership will help make the list an even greater tool (more powerful) since Ad Age has a dedicated staff, a giant readership and more resources than I do. The Power 150 is already one of the standards by which many bloggers measure themselves. The hope is that Ad Age can help make it a standard by which the entire industry will measure them, and thus help boost the profile of the whole blogging community.

Introducing the new Adage Power 150.

The Power 150 is a ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world, as developed by marketing executive and blogger, Todd Andrlik. It’s really as simple as that, except that the name isn’t strictly accurate: It currently ranks more than 360 blogs written about all types of media and pretty much every imaginable marketing discipline.

By the way, this blog, Marketing Ideas Online is holding steady at #140.


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