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The 1938Media Saga Continues: Attention Wins, Again

Perhaps the best summary of the entire Loren Feldman vs. Podtech and angry mob following him to is in blockquote below, from a comment in the blog.

Loren is a racist in the same as Colbert is a right-wing, fundamentalist-christian, Bush suporter.

My take? He tried to do satirical comedy and it worked for 50% got it, and the other 50% didn’t. Such is comedy.

FYI, we’ll be talking about this on the Video Ninjas online video radio show today at 4pm est on Tune in to hear Steve and my take on the topic.

Bottom line? He’s an entertainer trying to get attention. And it’s working. Go ahead, keep trying to kick him off the Internets, it’s giving him more attention.

FYI, here is the original video in question that caused the big uproar. And below, that, Loren’s response to people wanting to kick him off the Internet.